Sunday, 27 September 2015


Over the past 10 years I've slowly begun to build my vintage collect and still have most of those pieces to date. It led me to think, "Why do vintage clothes last and current clothes don't? How are they made? What’s the difference?” Obviously I googled my questions, and recoiled at the answer. After learning about Chinese child slaves picking cotton for the likes of Primark and ASOS and the poor working conditions of manufacturers and not forgetting the disgraceful rates of pay, it became obvious why I could pick up a dress for £8, which would usually tare or diminish in quality after the first wash. 

This opened my eyes to the world, such as why our latest phones, computers, washing machines and fridges are constantly breaking down. They're not sustainable, companies that make non-sustainable products make higher revenues, and that’s a fact. Sickening but true and we're all falling victim to societies expectation of fast fashion and trends. 

So here's my curvy vintage guide to shopping ethically and consciously.... 

Research your companies  

Do your research, go on their websites, read discussions on forums and just good old Google your questions. A transparent company should clearly say who makes their clothing and under what conditions.

  •   What the clothing is made of and where does the fibre originate from
  •   Is it 100% organic?

For example, can the company guarantee they do not use cotton from Uzbekistan, which is picked using  forced child labour?

Buy second hand...or go vintage!

The best and easiest way to participate in sustainable fashion is to buy what already exists. When you buy secondhand, you may not know the production story or 100% love the materials used, but you do know that you are saving gallons of water and energy. Shopping at Markets is great for catching a bargain and make grand discoveries such as pop up shops and vintage stalls. 

Top 5 (near) East London Markets
  •   Roman Road Market 
  •   Brick Lane 
  •   Spitalfields Market 
  •   Broadway Market 
  •   Walthamstow Market 

Buy less And Buy for quality 
Another way to buy ethically and consciously is to buy fewer clothes. Instead of having a massive splurge for fast fashion in H&M or Primark, why not attend a swap and shop event or adapt the rule of one in one out on your wardrobe and if that's too painful try shopping at places that are ethically conscious of the products they're selling. 

My top 5 ethical online stores are: 
Curvy Girl in London

Or just come along and shop at my online store @VintageCurvesUK on twitter. I’m trying to make a difference, go green and become conscious of myself in this world. Why don’t you try too?

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